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Glo Signature Facial

All Glo facials include the glocomplex of 4 cutting edge cosmeceuticals for all skin types that provide extra rejuvenation support for healthy skin function.After careful assessment of your individual skincare needs, we utilize the glotherapeutic treatments designed for your individual needs to cleanse, exfoliate, deeply nourish and purify your skin. Concentrated anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti aging cosmeceuticals will plump and nourish in every step of your intensive treatment to renew and restore a healthy glo that will relax and renew your spirit, and produce a remarkable result! Carefully selected glotherapeutic serums are applied specifically to your skin condition to ensure your facial is customized with actives that will provide the results you're looking for.

  • $120
  • $140 With Glo Lactic Exfoliating Treatment

This advanced treatment will increase moisture retention and provide a smoother skin as well as improve the appearance of fine lines and slackened skin. Great for aging, sun damage, hyper pigmentation and mild acne.

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